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Inflatable kayak vs Hardshell kayak

Kayaking has always been a thrilling activity whether you are maneuvering through still lakes, windy rivers, or sea-filled waves. Besides being an adventurous activity, kayaking is an excellent source of physical exercise

The comparison between an inflatable kayak and a hardshell kayak has always been a hot topic for kayaking-lovers. This debate has been going on for ages among both beginner and professional paddlers.

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Guide to Texas Kayak Laws

Texas is brimming with panoramic views and lakes and paddling in Texas can be a source of great fun amidst these eye-catching views and ravishing lakes. However, there are some rules and laws that one needs to observe carefully regarding kayaking in Texas. Everyone is bound to follow these laws in order to paddle on the water comfortably.

There are different laws and regulations for different types of vessels. There are some general laws that are applicable to all kayaks and canoes. This article has been written in order to let people know about these laws who are interested to set out for kayaking in Texas.

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