Reviews of 10 Best Tandem Kayak in 2022

An Interesting Yet Complete Buying Guide to Best Tandem Kayak 

What is a Tandem kayak?

Tandem kayaks are boats that are not spacious that are supposed to be used to traverse across a water source. It is a great source of exercising via paddling. Not merely exercising but it is highly accepted for fishing and having a great time in your life.

Kayaking is recognized as a single-person sport. Sometimes you wish to go out and have some fun with your close friend or with your partner, that’s when a tandem kayak helps you out.  It allows for more than a single person to fit into a boat. Generally, they are heavier than single kayaks but twice as fun. Moreover, you can enjoy it effortlessly as there is another person assisting you in paddling throughout.

Best Tandem Kayak


Kayaking is one of the entertaining activities that you must try out whether you are going to a tropical island, staying at a cabin near a lake or even visiting the Maldives for a much-needed vacation. It gives everyone a chance to enjoy water sports. It gives you a departure from conventional lives and freshens up for what’s to come.

There are jet skis and water gliding offered by Island resorts that are way more expensive.

Plus, such sports are made for extreme water bodies, not suitable for everyone. In case you are looking for a relaxing paddling activity, kayaking would be the best pick. It is cheaper and there are many free kayaking places available near such vacation spots.


Apart from all the entertaining pros offered by Tandem Kayaks, there is a minor drawback, too. Choosing a tandem kayak revolves around teamwork. It means you should be on affable terms with the partner you want to go kayaking, otherwise, kayaking will end up spoiling things. People have tagged kayaking as the ‘divorce kayak’ for a reason.

Buying your personal Tandem kayak is preferable, in this way you will be able to take the kayaks back every time you visit a water source. The following article sums the list of best options to help you out in picking the best kayak of your choice.

Here we go:

1- Intex Explorer K2


Length and depth

The very first kayak on this list is 10ft and 3 inches long with a depth of almost 15 inches providing average space for sitting. It takes care of the sitting space as it can be really painful for people sitting in the same position.


This tandem kayak is manufactured by a sturdy, puncture-resistant fiber that enables the kayak to put up with rougher terrain as you drag it along the water source.

Complete protection

Usually, the strong current of the river may push your kayak across shallow rocky surfaces that can damage your kayak and can be risky for your life as well. Intex Explorer K2 assures your safety and protection in such cases.

Load capacity

Adding to this, this tandem kayak is capable of carrying 2 people with a total weight of 180kg.

I-beam floor

For rougher waters, it features an inflatable I-beam floor. It helps it to have rigidity and better performance in rougher waters.

Inflation and deflation of kayak

To help you with easy inflation and deflation of the kayak, the Boston valves are installed in all kayaks as a standard feature.

Adjustable seats

One of the unique features of this tandem kayak is that it consists of adjustable/removable seats that are a lot more comfortable than most seats on tandem kayaks. These seats prevent unnecessary discomfort. Furthermore, its manufacturers have given it a bright yellow color that makes it visible in the water, therefore allowing emergency rescue in the case of any mishaps.

Minor inconvenience

The tandem kayak holds minor shortcomings as well.  It is designed for smaller water bodies which limit its use. Plus, the paddles it features are not considered to be of the best quality in the market. Apart from these negligible drawbacks, this tandem kayak is worth a try.

2- Sea eagle SE370

Sea Eagle SE370

Length and depth

This tandem kayak is around 10ft and 9inches long with a total depth of 20 inches, which is quite enough for the people to sit comfortably while they paddle away in the water.


The hull is made with tough PolyKrylar material that can withstand any pokes at the kayak’s surface. It features two skegs at the bottom for assuring better speed and tracking hence making this kayak the best choice for downstream river activities.

Something that makes it more fascinating and adds to its strength, is that it is sun-proof and saltwater-proof. Adding to this, it also comes with a repair kit along with a pressure gauge that ensures the right amount of air-filled into the kayak.

Load capacity

This professional tandem kayak is designed to carry three people with a combined weight of 650 pounds. It itself weighs a total weight of 32 pounds. It is one of the few tandem kayaks that can hold more than two in its chambers.

Inflation and deflation

The faster inflation and deflation of this kayak is made possible with the installation of an NMMA certification with three deluxe one-way valves.


The downside of this tandem kayak is that the company has increased its instability by adding more space. Online reviews have shown that the overall stability of the raft falls if there is more than one person riding on it. It lacks ropes on the sides to tie down gear.  Furthermore, it has weak paddles that would require more effort.

3- Advanced elements


Length and depth

The following tandem kayak is 15ft long and can be paddled solo or with a partner. Its total depth is 22 inches making ample room to sit in. It offers you a chance to enjoy the company of your partner sitting utterly closed and surrounded by water and panoramic scenery. It is more than a dream for so many people to escape the busy life and to enjoy some time amidst nature with their loved ones.


It is one of the expensive tandem kayaks available on market. But its priceless features actually justify its price and value. The strength of the kayak is assured by the built-in ribs made of aluminum which also improve tracking of the kayak. Its puncture resistance is quite high as compared to other tandem kayaks in the market. Furthermore, the hull is built with three different materials that increase durability.  It weighs around 52 pounds.

Comfortable sitting

A great amount of water sports enthusiasts have admired the comfortable seats of this kayak. Not only seats, but the strength of this kayak has also been a matter of attention of so many users.  It is a grade-A tandem kayak that offers you support for however long you wish to be in the water. Its streamlined design ensures faster kayaking on calm and serene waters.


Along with so many unique features, Advance Elements carries some downsides as well.  First of all, it requires full dissembling so it could be dried off which takes considerable time. Plus, it lacks paddles and an inflating pump. Apart from these minor inconveniences, people have been very positive after using this tandem kayak.

4- Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 130T

Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 130T

Length and depth

The total length of this kayak is 13ft and the total depth is 25 inches giving it enough room to sit down properly without getting tired. It weighs around 76 pounds.

Load capacity

Yellowfin can support the weight of 500 pounds, which makes it one of the most successful kayaks in the market. It can support up to three people and is peculiar works for people looking to go on fishing trips.


For beginners, the kayak comes with four easy-grip handles along with adjustable foot braces for foot comfort.  It features its own cargo capacity chambers with a 9” sealed hatch. You can easily carry your important equipment with you in this kayak. It also includes a rotomolded single piece polyethylene surface that is strong enough to withstand any force along with six scupper holes.

Comfortable seats

The vibe hero framed seats are super comfortable for long hours spent on fishing trips. Despite being a bit pricey, this kayak has so many admirers due to its incredible comfort during trips.


Just like the above-mentioned kayaks, this one has some shortcomings, too. It lacks a skid plate and rudders. Some of the online reviews have spoken about its instability on whitewater. Overall, this tandem kayak won’t disappoint you in your entertainment.

5- Old town twin heron

Old town twin heron

Length and depth

The overall length of this kayak is 13ft and comes with a depth of 22 inches so that you can feel comfortable while paddling.

Comfortable seats

This kayak features outstanding stability and designed in such a way that if anyone were to be seated, the bow would not pop out. The Heron is famous for having ample room to sit comfortably in. So many online customers have spoken about the marvel adjustable Comfort Flex seat. The supportive seat back and extra paddling service can offer you an adequate amount of comfort for the entire day.

Load capacity

The old town kayak weighs around 62 pounds and is capable of carrying the weight of 500 pounds.

Structure and design

Talking about its structure, it has a streamlined design along with the glide foot brace system that helps you maneuver through any kind of rough waters you may encounter on your adventure. Adding to this, it has a space for a foot brace system with contoured rubber which is excellent for resting your feet or gripping on when you wish to paddle harder.  Not only this, there are built-in handles that allow you to carry the kayak in and out of the water quite effortlessly. It comes with two fishing rod holders in case you are out fishing and want to relax your arms a bit.


To accompany the pros, there are some cons in this kayak as well. It has inconvenient front storage. It lacks drain plugs for taking out water. Plus, it is a bit heavy to lift and take around.

Apart from these minor concerns, this kayak made by Old town is the best choice for river sports and is capable of giving you a chance of exercising the arms while having a good time paddling.

6- Ocean 12-feet Malibu

Ocean 12-feet Malibu

Length and depth

This three-seater kayak is 12ft long and has a depth of 20inches for leg space. This amazing kayak allows you to have as much fun with your friends as possible.

Comfortable seats

The cozy seats of this kayak make sure that you spend long hours on water either fishing or just chilling out with a friend or with your pet. These cozy seats come along with a four-way adaptability option that gives you the utter flexibility to alter them accordingly. Furthermore, it is very easy to get on top of the kayak as it has open, sit-on-top seats.


The kayak features a foot brace system that helps to keep your feet intact. It is manufactured with contoured rubber that provides excellent footing for paddling. The triple-layered polythene hull ensures no harm comes to the tandem kayak even on the roughest water bodies. Hence, it ensures fun and safety side by side.

Load capacity

The overall weight capacity of this tandem kayak is 425 pounds. The Ocean 12’s hull also offers a lifetime warranty increasing the kayak’s credibility.


Just like the rest of the material objects, this kayak also offers some downsides. It lacks cup holders for drinks and it has very low storage capacity. These negligible shortcomings do not make it less enjoyable.

7- Lifetime 10 foot

Lifetime 10 foot

Length and depth

This is the 2-seater smallest kayak on the list that comes with a length of 10ft and has a depth of 20 inches for a comfortable and cozy ride.

Load capacity

Despite being small in size this kayak is capable of carrying the weight of 500 pounds which is more than some of the relatively longer kayaks. It itself weighs 60 pounds.

Structure and design

The ample space given by this kayak will make you feel grateful to the company. It has a design that gives its hull the extra edge on the water. It also includes two backrests with two double-sided paddles that assist in paddling. The kayak can easily be dragged by a single person along rough terrain without the slightest worry of puncturing the hull. Moreover, it features a pair of fishing rod holders that allow you to rest your arms when you feel like while enjoying the view. Adding to this back and front of the hull provide a 6’ storage space for storing different stuff that you might carry with you.

Seating system

Talking about the seats it offers, it has a high-end dry seating system that keeps the person’s rear safe from getting wet. These seats are cozy and comfortable. All of these qualities are backed by a 5-year warranty by the company.


Just like the above-mentioned kayaks, this kayak has some minor shortcomings, too. The placement of the rod holder it offers lacks suitability. It does not have enough scrubber holes. Overall, it is one of the best picks on this list.

8- BKC UH-TK219


Length and depth

This one of the top-notch tandem kayaks is long enough and has a depth of 22 inches for leg-space.  Some people complain about less space on the kayak but little do they know that this is the entire concept on which kayaking is based. It is peculiarly built to provide the users with the feeling of being close to nature especially to water.

Load capacity

This is one of the heavy kayaks on the list. It weighs around 68 pounds and can support 3 people, effortlessly.  It has a load capacity of 440 pounds.

Structure and design

This tandem kayak is specially made for people who are into fishing. It has been designed by the company in such a way so as to hold as many fishing rods as possible. And it comes with enough waterproof storage space for all your belongings. You can secure your paddles while you rest with the feature of paddle rest. It comes with 4 carrying handles and 3 people can easily carry the tandem up off the ground.  The hull of the tandem is made from heavy-density polythene material and is completely sun proof. In this way, the company has made it durable and longer-lasting than other tandem kayaks available on the market.  It also enables this tandem kayak to endure the toughest water bodies.


There are two minor inconveniences in this kayak. Firstly, it is a bit heavy in structure. Secondly, it lacks back support in seats. Other than this, it is one of the best kayaks on this list.

9- Hobie mirage

Hobie Mirage Kayak


Last but not least member of this kayak family is one of the most expensive kayaks. It is 12ft 1inch long. It is the smallest kayak on this list. Its price has backed by the features it gives.

Load capacity

This tandem kayak has an overall load capacity of 500 pounds.


This Caribbean blue color tandem kayak has caught the attention of so many enthusiasts.  The ample amount of space is offered by the feature of a large covered bow hatch. It enables you to store the stuff you want to. Talking about the hull, it is designed to make tracking in water as easy as possible along with ease of maneuverability. It has a redesigned deck that is equipped with a class A, Vantage CT seat that maximizes comfort along with storage features. Adding to this, there is a pair of rod holders to rest your arm while fishing. For placing the cups there are cup holders as well as a mesh-covered storage system.

Lowrance ready system

The exceptional feature of this kayak is the Lowrance ready system that allows an easy installation of sonar on the tandem kayak for research work. This sonar can also be employed to look for rich fish spots. In this way, it alleviates your fishing experience.


Along with all the top-notch features of this tandem kayak, it has some drawbacks as well. It is heavy to lift. And for some users, it is too expensive to buy. These flaws are too minor to consider if we look deeply into its amazing and durable features.

10- Sun Dolphin Bali

Sun Dolphin Bali

Length and depth

This fascinating green tandem kayak is 13.5ft long and a depth of 20 inches for leg-space. It is particularly best for consumers with a height of 5’7” or above. You will definitely thank the manufacturer for adding an extra space in it that will prevent leg muscle cramps.

Load capacity

This tandem kayak has the space of carrying the 3 people all at once, effortlessly.

Structure and comfortable seats

It comes with two comfortable seats that can be adjusted to add a third person on board. This fishing kayak is equipped with three compartments for storage of the important stuff that you make for the day. In case of any sudden movements in the water, it provides you balance with an onboard shock cord deck rigging.

Adding to this, the green-colored kayak comes with scrubber holes to drain out water that has entered into the kayak but you will have to wait till you get out of the water to do so.  With its deluxe seat options, the kayak is capable to maneuver across the water, swiftly. This adds further comfort to longer trips.  It is fun for kids and offers an average amount of stability on different bodies of water.


The drawback to this kayak is that it is a bit heavier as compared to other kayaks. It requires two people to put up with loading and unloading. Plus, it does not perform well on high waves. Moreover, it is not very spacious, therefore one cannot put much stuff inside it.  Other than these minor shortcomings, this is one of the cheapest tandem kayaks featuring so many worthy aspects that one should not overlook.

How to pick the best tandem kayak?

There are a few things to investigate when making the buy. Pair kayaks are not the same as single kayaks and by and large cost more. Ensuring you have the correct necessities and afterward creating the buy can help you from a universe of disappointment. These are the things that we discovered especially significant while making the rundown:

The weight

The excursion from your home to the water source can be a long one. Lifting it up, put it in your pickup truck, and afterward dumping it can turn out to be truly tiring. We ensured we picked kayaks that by and large were made of a lighter and more grounded material so two individuals could lift them up. This did anyway expand the value scope of the kayaks yet picking a more grounded kayak is vital to wellbeing. Picking a lighter kayak likewise causes individuals to paddle quicker than any other person. Less measure of exertion is placed in both in the water and out of the water.

The length

The length of the pair kayak is significant in light of the fact that it proceeds to depict how stable the kayak is on water. Individuals will in general pick short kayaks since they are anything but difficult to convey however neglect to acknowledge there is a higher possibility for them to flip. We picked pair kayaks that were simply in the correct region of the range so they could have both equilibria and were quicker.

The size of your family

Mostly tandem kayaks are designed for two people. Few of them allow three people to get into them altogether. But such kayaks are a bit expensive.

That is the motivation behind why you need to check the size of your family before you make the buy. On the off chance that you have an odd-numbered family, you should consider buying a solitary kayak so they don’t learn about leftovers. Regardless, the size of the family is a vital factor to consider prior to purchasing your first kayak.

Is it sit in or sit on top

The conventional protest kayak gives you the sensation of being near the water. These kayaks have spaces intended to fit in your legs appropriately. The new sit on top kayaks give a considerably more open insight. On the off chance that you are claustrophobic, picking a sit-on-top kayak possibly the most ideal choice. The capacity of both the kayaks is equivalent however the experience of every individual will change.

Where you are going to use it

The sort of water source you will utilize the kayak in issues. Streams require kayaks that are considerably more tough and solid on account of the current in them. Lakes are more settled and more extensive however require significantly more exertion to paddle. This is expected to there being no waves and no push factor for the kayak.

In the event that you are kayaking close to the ocean in any case, a substantially more offset kayak with both capacities should be your optimal buy. Everything relies upon the sort of zone you like to kayak for.

Does it have a paddle rest?

Ask any prepared kayaker or any individual who goes out fishing a ton and they will reveal to you the significance of an oar rest. There is consistently an opportunity of you losing the oar once you are out in profound waters. When it falls, you have the choice of one or the other making a plunge towards it and getting all wet or spurning it to purchase another one.

The paddle rest helps spare you from the superfluous issue. It protects the oars on-board when you wish to lay back and unwind. Getting a charge out of the view is as significant as kayaking.

Storage space

The extra room of the kayak is significant in light of the fact that what another place would you be able to keep your things if not ready. There is consistently the danger of a decent telephone or wallet getting wet in case the waves run high. Particularly when you are riding the solid flows of a stream and you can’t zero in on your gear. You will most likely wind up losing it. All things considered, search for a kayak that gives abundant measures of capacity.


Tandem kayaks furnish you with a great water-based action that you can execute with your loved ones. Having the best one isn’t really the objective. In any case, do ensure the kayak is sufficiently able to deal with the sort of water body you will ride it on so it can help guard you. The general insight of any pair kayak can be perceived from the solace it gives on longer outings.

Ensure you buy the kayak subsequent to having once sat in it on the lookout or looking at the measurements. The leg space that it gives is critical to the solace you will get generally on long outings on the water. No trade-off is to be made on that.

Envision going on kayaking stumble on a waterway and rowing your way through harsh flows. The highlights of a footstool or solace in addition to situate will just guide you as you continue looking for rush and activity. The pair kayaks are the most ideal approach to bond over too. You can test your coordination and collaboration abilities with your loved one through this action or construct it utilizing this game.

With everything taken into account, purchasing the correct pair of kayak relies upon you. The highlights of a cup holder or a legitimate stockpiling or even an oar rest may appear to be little now however once you own your first kayak, you will acknowledge how significant they are. Remember to continue checking audits on the web. The more audits you read about the kayak you have picked, the more you will get certain about if the buy is acceptable. Eventually, not lamenting a purchasing choice is a definitive objective of each client.

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