Best Time to Buy a Kayak

Best Time to Buy a Kayak

Kayaking is an enjoyable activity as well as a low-impact exercise. In the modern age, it is not confined to sports only. It has also become pretty popular among ordinary people. When it comes to fishing or a recreational trip on the water, the majority of people turn to kayaks. 

A kayak promises a tranquil and stable riding experience. If you are interested in kayaking, you’ll see how vast the kayak market has become. Different kayaks offer unique features and specs from low to high price ranges. Plus, kayak designs alter depending on your need! If you are a fishing enthusiast, you’ll use a different vessel than those who use a kayak for recreation. In this guide, we have differentiated between different types of kayaks. And above all that, we have discussed the best time for buying a kayak. Sometimes, finding out the best time for kayak purchase becomes even more confusing than selecting a kayak itself. So here, we have put forward some valuable suggestions for you, and we hope they’ll be helpful for you!


Kinds of Kayaks

Appearance-wise, a kayak somehow looks similar to a canoe. It is a narrow watercraft, which is propelled by using a double-bladed paddle. In ancient times, kayaks were used for fish hunting and transporting people as well as goods. However, the majority of people nowadays make use of these water vessels for recreational trips and fishing. Therefore, different kayak manufacturing brands offer a large variety of kayaks that can be used for a specific purpose; for instance, a kayak specifically made for fishing will have slightly different specs and features than the one made for recreation. So, here we will discuss different types of kayaks that can serve particular purposes.


  • Recreational Kayak:

First of all, let’s talk about recreational kayaks. As the name implies, these kayaks are designed specifically for recreational tours on the water. They come in a wide range, each with different specifications. As far as the construction is concerned, some of these vessels are beautifully crafted out of wood. However, most of these kayaks use high-quality polyethylene plastic, which makes them exceptionally durable. The kayaks of this kind are usually heavier than the other ones since they have a thick layer of material in their design. Now talking about the price, the recreational kayaks come in a wide range of prices and are a little affordable than the kayaks for fishing. If you are new to kayaking or want to buy a kayak just for fun, then the recreational kayaks are doubtlessly for you! And if you have a low budget and want to buy a kayak, here is a tip for you. Different kayak manufacturing brands offer various deals during fall and spring. You can buy a kayak at such times for a reasonable price.


  • Fishing Kayak:

Fishing kayaks are for fishing! Although they look almost similar to the regular kayaks, they are pretty different and more expensive than the recreational kayaks. They use expensive materials in their construction. Moreover, the design of fishing kayaks is a little more complicated than the recreational ones since they are supposed to fulfill the fishing requirements. They are usually wider and shorter in size and offer high stability on the water. Also, they come with more space for your gear and fishing equipment and can withstand more weight. Some of the fishing kayaks also have fishing equipment inside their packaging. If you want to buy a fishing kayak, never forget to double-check its dimensions, weight capacity, its own weight, storage, seats, propulsion, kayak type (sit-inside or sit-on-top), and above all, the stability and durability it is offering! Price-wise, they are way more expensive than recreational kayaks. If you are low on budget, you can go for a used fishing kayak that will help you save some money.


  • Inflatable Kayak:

Inflatables are the most affordable type of kayaks. Since they are inflatable, you can store and transport them more easily. However, they are not as durable and long-lasting as the fishing or recreational kayaks! If you are a newbie to kayaking and do not want to spend a lot of money on buying a kayak, you can take a start from the inflatable kayaks since they are pocket-friendly. If you intend to buy a second-hand kayak, here is a tip for you! Make sure that the used kayak is not punctured and does not have a torn surface. These kayaks are more prone to damage, and that’s why they are not so reliable compared to the other ones.


When is the Best Time to Buy a Kayak?

Kayaking is a fun outdoor activity. People love to paddle on the water on clear days and in pleasant weather. Of course, they don’t want to get trapped in water in unpleasant weather like windy or rainy weather. Therefore, the majority of people start kayaking in the spring season when the weather begins to get warmer. They usually end it in autumn when chilly winds start blowing. Keeping this in mind, we can say that the best time for buying a kayak is the end of the autumn season, or late August and early September. Many kayak selling brands at this time of the year offer various deals and discounts on older models as the sellers start buying new stock for the next season.

Another ideal time is the days around Christmas. Many retailers and vendors offer the best deals in December. At that time, there are many promotions of different products, so you can use this time and choose the best-suited kayak for you that can meet your needs. Moreover, the last Monday of May or Memorial Day is also a perfect day for shopping since the stores are stocked to the full at this time and offer excellent discounts.

Everything aside, it is all your call to decide the time for buying a kayak. You can also get one during the peak season, but be ready to spend more money. If you don’t want to spend the extra money and want some relaxation in prices, then all these tips are you! 

It is not as easy to find a perfect time to buy a kayak as it seems to be. That’s why we suggest you to keep checking the latest offers!


Additional Gear

  • Purchasing a kayak is not all about getting a kayak alone! You’ll need some additional equipment along with your kayak that can help you make your kayaking adventure smooth. Following is the list of some equipment that you should always bring for paddling.
  • Double-bladed Paddle: The paddle length is dependent on your height, width of kayak, and paddle style. Moreover, if you want more powerful paddling, go for the river blade paddle. Touring blade paddle also offers efficient kayaking.
  • Life Jacket: Make sure to wear a life jacket while paddling. The situation of water can turn unpredictable at any time. That’s why a life jacket is an essential thing in water sports.
  • Helmet: Just like a life jacket, a helmet is also a must thing for kayaking. You should have a good-quality helmet that can protect your head if any instability occurs. So, make sure to fasten your helmet properly before going on an adventure!
  • Water-resistant Suit: This suit will keep you dry throughout your voyage and provide you a comfortable paddling.
  • Shoes/Footwear: You should have high-end water-resistant footwear along with a water-resistant suit for a comfortable paddling experience.
  • Waterproof Bag (Optional): Having a waterproof bag with you will provide you safe storage so that you can keep your valuable stuff safe and dry throughout the journey. The idea is so perfect, and it will not cost you too much money.


Final Thoughts

Conclusively, we will say that there is no ideal time to purchase a kayak. It depends on your need and your pocket! But if you don’t want to spend extra money, then you wait for the time when the kayaks are on sale. For this, you should keep an eye on various kayak dealers so that you will stay updated if there come any discount offers. Also, for a better experience, you should define how you will be using a kayak before buying one.

If you intend to buy a kayak but don’t know when to go for it, we hope that these guidelines will surely help you a lot. Happy Kayaking!

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