Fishing Kayak Under 400

Best Fishing Kayak Under 400

Fishing is one of the best outdoor activities one could ever do! And fishing on a kayak adds more fun to it. With extra room for your fishing tools and easy maneuvering, you can catch a fish more comfortably. Therefore, many fishing kayak options are available on the market, each with different designs and specs. However, it might be a little difficult to choose one for you that can meet your needs and is pocket-friendly at the same time.  

Do you want an affordable fishing kayak under $400? If yes, here we have prepared a list for you! We did some research on kayaks below $400 and reviewed their specifications, and out of those, we have found the best ones for fishing. We hope that this list will surely help you to know which fishing kayak is best for you within $400 and why!

  1. The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Let’s get the ball rolling from our top pick, the Intex Explorer K2 kayak, which is the best available fishing kayak for under $400. The Intex Explorer is one of the buyers’ favorite fishing kayaks that ensures you an excellent fishing experience. It offers extraordinary specs within an affordable price range. 

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 123 x 36 x 20 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Kayak Weight: 35 pounds
  • Type: Inflatable Kayak

The Intex Explorer K2 is one of the best inflatable kayaks, which features several air chambers that let it traverse easily through the water. The kayak is quite spacious and has an upward nose that keeps the kayaker safe from too much splashing of water. However, the vessel is a little heavier than the other ones available since it offers much space for the riders and is a bit longer on the ends.

The Intex Explorer K2 is a sit-inside fishing kayak, which comes with all the essential accessories a fishing kayak should have for such a reasonable price. Structure-wise, it uses pretty strong vinyl for its construction and has two aluminum paddles. The inflatable I-beam floor is pretty sturdy, which makes the kayak stable as well as comfortable. Moreover, it comes with a high output pump for directional use with a removable skeg.

This kayak is undoubtedly the best one available at an as low price as $400, which beats down other kayaks in this price range in almost every aspect. It comes with accessories that include a carry bag, a repair kit, two aluminum paddles, and a high output pump. Therefore, the Intex Explorer K2 is the best choice for you if you are looking for a fishing kayak under $400 with incredible specs.


  • Very spacious
  • Easy to carry
  • Includes repair patch


  • Does not come with fishing rod holders


  1. Perception Zip 9.5 Sit on Top Kayak

The fishing kayak with rank 2 on our list is the Perception Zip 9.5 sit-on-top kayak. This kayak has earned popularity for its design. It offers easy usage and ensures you a handy and fun riding. Moreover, it comes in three varieties of colors, making the kayak catchier.   

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 144 x 32 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Kayak Weight: 45 pounds
  • Type: Sit on top kayaks, Single, Hard Shell 

The Perception Zip 9.5 sit-on-top fishing kayak is specifically designed to provide comfortable and calm riding along with fishing. The kayak is quite simple, easy to use, and needs low maintenance, which is pretty awesome for a vessel within a price range of $400. Structure-wise, the kayak has a hard shell, which makes clean-up a breeze. Just take a piece of cloth and wipe it down, and you are all done with the cleaning! Not only this, the fishing kayak has a plug for draining the water.

Now talking about its features, the Perception Zip 9.5 sit-on-top kayak has an exceptional design with a molded-in seat and footrests, which allows you to adjust your leg position to make your back relax. Moreover, the kayak is easy to transport and offers a great fishing experience, especially on calm ponds and lakes.


  • Sturdy exteriors
  • Durable
  • Attractive appearance
  • Five-year warranty


  • No fishing rod holders


  1. Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak

Here comes our third pick, the Sevylor Big Basin, which is a 3-person kayak for fishing under $400. The kayak is very lightweight, and yet it makes available riding for 3 individuals. Since it is a 3-person kayak, it is quite spacious and offers incredible strength and stability.

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 24 inches 
  • Weight Capacity: 490 pounds
  • Kayak Weight: 34.76 pounds
  • Type: Sit-In Kayak, Inflatable Kayak

Structurally, the Sevylor Big Basin 3-person kayak is a sit-inside inflatable fishing kayak made up of heavy-duty PVC that makes the kayak durable and sturdy. Moreover, its rugged tarpaulin makes it pretty resistant on the rocks and along the shore. Not only this, the fishing kayak has numerous air chambers so that if one of them gets punctured, the rest of the chambers will help you to take your kayak to the shore easily. You can adjust your 3-person fishing kayak the way you like, as you feel comfortable. Also, the Sevylor Big Basin 3-person kayak offers you an incredible airtight system and hence, provides zero leaks.

When it comes to inflating and deflating, it becomes pretty easier for the Sevylor Big Basin 3-person kayak with its double-threaded valve. Besides, the 3-person sit-in fishing kayak can endure a weight of almost 490 pounds on it and is NMMA certified. In addition to it, the vessel offers you enough room to put your accessories and fishing tools inside. A kayak with such incredible specs and yet as affordable as $400 is something one could ever wish to have!


  • Offers large room for storage
  • Zero leaks
  • Easy to inflate, store, and transport
  • Remarkably durable
  • Comes with a tracking fin that helps track the fishing kayak


  • The seat movability of the fishing kayak is not so good
  • Can get congested when the fishing kayak is fully occupied
  1. Emotion Guster Sit-In Kayak

Let’s move towards another fishing kayak on our list. The name is Emotion Guster sit-in kayak, which you can find below $400. You might have heard about this one since it is considered the best fishing kayak for beginners.  

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 120 x 30 x 14 inches 
  • Weight Capacity: 275 pounds
  • Kayak Weight: 48 pounds
  • Type: Sit-in kayaks

The design of the Emotion Guster uses high-density polyethylene that ensures durability even in rough conditions and makes it long-lasting. The V design helps the vessel to traverse through water and wind easily. Moreover, the fishing kayak is UV-resistant as well as abrasion-resistant.

The reason for which it is called the best for beginners is that the vessel is much comfortable and easy to navigate. Performance-wise, the Emotion Guster sit-in kayak offers a fast yet stable riding experience.

The kayak comes in different colors that give it a catchy look and make it easier to distinguish from a long distance. Besides, it comes with a removable hatch cover that provides you extra room to store your additional gear. All these perks are within just $400. Isn’t it great?


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and easy to grip handles
  • Comes with adjustable foot braces
  • Offers enough room for storage 


  • Cannot endure heavyweight, loading it heavily can affect its maneuverability


  1. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

Here comes another fishing kayak from the Lifetime kayak brand with incredible specs and features. The name is the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100, which is categorically built for anglers with a paddle.

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 120 x 31 x 14.1 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 275 pounds 
  • Kayak Weight: 52 pounds
  • Type: Tamarack Angler with Paddle 

The structure of the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 uses high-density and UV-protected polyethylene, making the vessel more durable. The kayak features two 6-inch storage compartments, one in the middle of the cockpit and the other at the rear end. The floor of the vessel is horizontal and robust, which makes it more stable. In addition to it, Tamarack Angler usually comes with a small deck and a broad beam. Moreover, it features hull tracking channels that make it capable of handling moderate tides and waves smoothly.

Now talking about comfort, the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 comes with molded-in footrests along with flexible and adjustable foot braces. It features multiple footrest postures to provide comfort to various size riders. Furthermore, the kayak has a versatile seatback that ensures a very comfortable ride. Not only this, the Tamarack Angler comes with a black paddle, which makes the paddling a lot easier, and with rear and front handles that offer you to carry it around effortlessly. Conclusively, this kayak never fails in granting you a comfortable cruising and fishing adventure.

Apart from the kayak, the package of the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 contains different accessories and components like a cloak and developed T handles, front and rear shock cables, storage cabins at the middle and the rear end, a big black paddle, paddle cradles, a pair of flush-mounted rod holders, and a set of top mount wand holder. Such fringe benefits are doubtlessly a lot more for a kayak below $400!


  • Comes with comfortable molded footrests 
  • Arrives with a flexible back seat
  • Has a pair of 6-inch storage compartments
  • Gives extra storage space as it comes with shock cord straps
  • Has two flush-mounted rod holders 
  • The package includes a paddle so you don’t need to buy any extra paddles 


  • Sometimes the top-mounted pole holder comes in a paddling way


  1. Solstice Swimline Durango

Now the next kayak that we are going to discuss is known as the Solstice Swimline Durango, which is an exchangeable one or two-person sit-inside inflatable kayak. The vessel is well-known for its incredible stability within a price range of $400.  

Quick Specs

    • Dimensions: 32 x 18.75 x 9.75 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 440 pounds
  • Kayak Weight: 29 pounds
  • Type: Sit-In, Inflatable, Single or Tandem Use

The construction of the Solstice Swimline Durango inflatable kayak uses heavy-duty PVC. With such construction, you can easily carry it around, plus you can inflate it effortlessly. In addition to it, the kayak has a rigid 600 denier nylon top, which comes with a triple-layered bottom along with a lid cover made from heavy PU wrapped 840 Denier nylon oxford material.  

The kayak is a little narrower than the other ones; still, it has got some nice space for storage, especially for the kayakers with long legs. Also, the thinner the diameter is, the faster the speed would be. Therefore, this kayak can help you to reach your favorite fishing spot faster. The kayak runs quite well in the areas that are difficult to enter and in wild channels. 

Comfort-wise, the Solstice Swimline Durango is on another level! It comes with a pair of entirely flexible heavy nylon-covered yak pads, which offer you comfortable seating throughout the voyage. Moreover, there is no need to worry about your gear and fishing stuff when you are riding on this kayak since it features heavy-duty D-rings that ensure the safety of your equipment. Besides, it comes with a separable skeg that assures the tracking of your kayak. What else could you ask for a kayak below $400?


  • Comes with a repair accessory kit 
  • High-quality D rings 
  • Features carry handles that make it easy for transportation
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty period 


  • Pads are attached to zip, so it will unzip itself when the kayak is loaded heavily.


  1. Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-Foot Sit-in Fishing Kayak

Moving towards our next pick, the Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 Foot Sit-in Fishing Kayak is an excellent choice if you are looking for the best fishing kayak with superb durability within a price range of $400. 

Quick Specs

    • Dimensions: 120 x 30 x 13 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds 
  • Kayak Weight: 41 pounds
  • Type: Sit-in Fishing Kayak

The Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 Foot Sit-in Fishing Kayak uses tough UV-stabilized fortiflex high-density polyethylene, making it highly stable and durable. This kayak features a big open cockpit, which assures a promising performance in lakes and rivers. You can also remove your safety concerns as the vessel offers a set of guarding thigh pads that guarantees you carefree riding.  

You can carry this kayak around pretty easily since it is relatively lighter in weight than the other ones. As far as comfort is concerned, the Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 Foot will never disappoint you! With the adjustable padded seats and flexible foot braces, you can comfortably ride on it without getting tired. Another incredible feature of this kayak is that it enables you to keep your legs inside the kayak’s dock while going to the fishing spot. Once you reach that point, you can ascend on the kayak, which adds more convenience to your fishing adventure. Moreover, the kayak comes with a set of flush-mounted pole holders along with a shaft holder. It also has a water bottle holder so that you can keep yourself hydrated. 


  • Incredible for fishing in a river and lake 
  • Flexible for huger kayakers
  • Adaptable foot braces and seat 
  • Has a massive cockpit space
  • Very stable on the surface of the water 
  • Comes with a set of two flush-mounted rod holders and a single mounted rod holder


  • Not good enough for tough water conditions
  • Hardly can carry up to 250 pounds


  1. Elkton Outdoors 10′ Foot Inflatable Tear-Resistant Fishing Kayak

Let’s talk about another incredible kayak for fishing named the Elkton Outdoors 10 Foot Inflatable Tear-Resistant Fishing Kayak. As the name implies, it is well-known for its tear-resistant features and durability.

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 31.42 x 19.09 x 15.71 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 450 pounds 
  • Kayak Weight: 27 pounds 
  • Type: Tear-resistant, Inflatable Kayak

Within a price range of $400, this kayak offers you a perk of additional kayaking equipment that makes it more attractive to the kayakers. Moreover, you can inflate this kayak into a perfect shale in no time and without getting tired. The kayak becomes 10 feet longer, 3 feet broader, and 16 inches wider when entirely inflated, making it extra spacious and offers you a convenient fishing adventure. Since it has a portable layout, you can also use it as a basic and an active kayak while not fishing on it.

Another incredible thing about this kayak is that its package contains numerous essential gears required for fishing and kayaking, along with a fine carry bag. It includes a set of repair tools, a pair of upright shaft holders, four sets of searching rod holders, two adjustable seats, dual-sided rowers, and a foot air pump. Moreover, the entire kayak splits up into three detachable air sections, which are pretty simple and easy to adjust and repair.

POINT TO BE NOTED: If you want to inflate your kayak a bit faster, never go for an electric pump to fill the air in. Using such air pumps might overinflate your kayak, which in return can damage and turn your kayak into a total mess! Therefore, you should always use low-pressure air pumps to avoid the disastrous explosions of your inflatable kayaks.


  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Inflates in an instant
  • Comes with tear-resistant features
  • Comes with six sets of pole holders 
  • Features double-sided oars


  • Not good enough for rough water conditions 


  1. Scubapro Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak

Now coming to the next pick on our list, let’s talk about the Scubapro Old Town Canoe and Kayaks Vapor 10, which is more of a recreational kayak than a fishing kayak.

Quick Specs

    • Dimensions: 123 x 27.3 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 325 pounds 
  • Kayak Weight: 47 pounds
  • Type: Recreational Kayak

The size of the Vapor 10 kayak is bigger, longer, and slightly narrower. The height of its deck is a little long, making it pretty suitable for many rough water conditions.  

Now talking about the comfort features, this vessel comes with a large cockpit opening that allows you to store your extra gear along with the fishing equipment. The seat on the cockpit is an incredibly comfortable flex seat, which ensures a refreshing ride. Alongside the molded-in cockpit tray, there is a cup holder so that you can keep your snack and soft drinks along with you!

Moreover, the Vapor 10 uses rubber structured the Glide Track foot brace system, which gives ultimate comfort to your bare feet and incredible footing for powerful paddling. Besides, the kayak features soft thigh pads along with thigh and knee braces, which guarantees comfortable and easy paddling. In addition to it, the Vapor 10 offers you dry storage in a stern so that you can keep your gear and other stuff dry throughout the voyage. 

  • ProsFeatures a large cockpit for your equipment or big gears or even your pet
  • Comes with padded seats and adjustable foot braces 
  • Quick and simple access to stern storage 
  • Comes with a paddle rest 
  • Comes with sets of thigh and knee pads


  • Doesn’t have shock cords
  • No pole holders 
  • The kayak is not waterproof


  1. Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package

Best Maximum Load

Here comes the last pick on our list. The name is Sea Eagle SE370 Deluxe Inflatable Kayak. This kayak can accommodate 3 individuals and holds a great weight loading capacity.

Quick Specs

    • Dimensions: 34 x 19 x 11 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 650 pounds 
  • Kayak Weight: 32 pounds 
  • Type: Sit-In, Inflatable, 3-Person Kayak

The Sea Eagle fishing kayak is pretty lightweight and easy to paddle. The paddles that come with this kayak are more like aluminum oars, which are extremely robust and promise a great paddling experience even in rough water conditions.  

Inflating and deflating this Sea Eagle kayak is just a piece of cake! The vessel contains five deluxe compartments, each of which holds single-way inflation and deflation tubes. Aside from this, the Sea Eagle fishing kayak packaging comes with many perks inside! The package contains a pair of lightweight and ultra-comfortable kayak seats, a single air inflating pump, two sets of tenacious paddles, and a cover so that you could put your kayak inside while transporting it. If you want to take two more individuals along with you on a fishing adventure, then you’ll need to buy a spare padded seat that can easily fit in your kayak by using ultra-sharp Velcro lining.


  • Compact and lightweight kayak 
  • Comes with reliable paddles 
  • Comes with a pair of posterior skegs for tagging and velocity
  • Extremely durable  
  • Warranty for a Full 3 years 


  • Doesn’t have any ropes for locking down your gear


Thing You Should Know Before Getting Yourself A Kayak

Here are some of the things you should always know before buying yourself a fishing kayak.



Before you buy a kayak, never forget to take a peek at its dimensions. It is necessary to know since you’ll want yourself to fit in a kayak easily along with your gear. Plus, this will also let you determine the way you should carry it or transport it!


Weight Capacity:

The weight carrying capacity of a kayak is one of the essential features you should know about before buying one. Make sure the kayak that you are going to buy can endure your weight along with your gear. Or else, you can fall into serious trouble!



Another vital feature is the durability of a kayak. The construction and the material used in a kayak decides how durable it is! Before buying one, make sure the kayak of your interest can withstand the water conditions of your favorite fishing spots. It will not only offer you stable kayaking but also make your voyage enjoyable.



Most of the kayaks come with various accessories inside the packaging. If you want to save some money, then it is a good idea for you to choose a kayak with accessories. Otherwise, separately buying spare parts can be a little more costly.  


Other Features:

Here are some other features that you should consider while buying a kayak. Make sure that that kayak you are going to buy holds enough space for you and your gear. Moreover, try to choose a kayak that is not so difficult to inflate and deflate. Also, keep in mind that the air valve of your kayak is specific to a particular air pump. Otherwise, it will lead you to purchase a new pump.


Final Words

Now here we are going to conclude our list of 10 best fishing kayaks below $400. All of the above kayaks are pretty amazing and ensure great adventures in a price range as low as $400. However, in our opinion, the Intex Explorer K2 Fishing Kayak standouts of all other options. All of its specs and features are just incredible! If you want to buy a fishing kayak below $400, you can go for it without any doubt! 

In the end, we hope that this list will help you a lot in choosing a fishing kayak, which will let you have an incredible fishing adventure. Happy fishing!


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