Strainers On A River

What Are Strainers On A River?

It is pretty usual for a river or stream to have strainers. You may encounter them when boating or kayaking, or fishing, and this can be very hazardous. So before going on a voyage, you must know about the strainers, what creates them, and why they can be so dangerous! 

Here is a short guide that will let you take a brief look at such water hazards so that you can protect yourself from them on water. 

What Is A River Strainer?

The strainers in the water are obstacles that block the large objects and allow a small amount of water to pass through at a single instance. These obstacles can either be natural or manmade, such as fallen trees, logs, branches, or submerged vehicles, tires, fences, etc.

A strainer in the river is more like a strainer or colander in the kitchen used to drain water from boiled pasta or vegetables. The same goes for the strainers on the river, which only allow the water to pass through them, trapping the debris, boats, and even animals. Therefore, these can cause you serious trouble if you find them while fishing or kayaking. 

What Is The Danger Of A Strainer?

The strainers on the river are very dangerous and can even be fatal. If you encounter a strainer while paddling, your kayak will be pinned against the obstacle that can cause it to flip and drag you underwater. The small holes in the obstructions do not allow the objects to pass through them and keep the water inflow that put a lot of force on the boat, causing it to flip that can make your voyage pretty risky!

If you don’t want to get trapped by the strainers in the river, you better scout the river first before kayaking. It would help you identify the obstacle so that you can easily find and avoid them while paddling. Plus, it is essential for you to have adequate safety gear, such as a helmet and a well-fitting PFD with a knife. It is also a good idea to take your acquaintance with you when you head out so that there will be someone to help you out and rescue you in the case of an emergency. Also, never forget to take throw bags and ropes with you!

Final Thoughts

If you want to paddle on the river, prepare yourself for bumping into the strainers and avoiding them. Make sure to check the river out beforehand, especially if it’s the place you have never paddled before. You must follow the local safety advice and stay active when paddling on a river. Besides, try to take someone with you and never forget to wear your PFD when you’re on the water.

Encountering with strainers on the rivers or streams can be very dangerous and even fatal. Knowing this may leave you in fear and restrict you from paddling. But if you take some proper safety measures, you can make your voyages less risky and worry-free. 


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