Sun Dolphin Bali 10SS Review

Detailed Review of Sun Dolphin Bali 10SS Kayak has published this guide to discuss in the detail about Sun Dolphin Bali 10SS. We will cover all pros and cons of Sun Dolphin Bali 10SS. But, before moving towards main topic, lets discuss some basics.

What is a Kayak?

A kayak is a little, limited watercraft that is regularly impelled by methods for a twofold bladed oar.

The conventional kayak has a covered deck and at least one cockpits, each seating one paddler. The cockpit is in some cases covered by a shower deck that keeps the section of water from waves or splash, separating the art from a kayak. The shower deck makes it workable for appropriately talented kayakers to roll the kayak: that is, to invert and right it without it loading up with water or launching the paddler. Folding kayaks and tandem kayaks are also loved by the people in the USA.


Sun Dolphin Bali 10SS review

Since, the market is brimming with companies that manufacture kayaks, finding a durable and unbreakable one is a back-breaking task.
Sun Dolphin Bali 10SS is a kayak that lets you paddle without being worried about the breakage.

The sole reason behind writing this article is to let people know about the details of Sun Dolphin Bali 10SS. It has undeniably got a lot of impeccable features that have been added in this article.

It is a sit-on-top kayak and known as one of the best kayaks for beginners available in the market. It can easily be controlled and can enhance your paddling skills.

Let’s have a look at its amazing features:

  • This amazing kayak is made of high-density polythene.
  • The overall length of the Sun Dolphin Bali 10SS is 10ft.
  • The overall width of this kayak is 30 inches
  • It comes with a load capacity of 250lbs.
  • The overall weight of this kayak is 44lbs.
  • The dept of this kayak is 11 inches.
  • It does not feature a fishing rod holder.
  • It comes with a portable accessory carrier, which is its special feature.

Comfort level

Bali SS 10 offers a great deal of comfort to the paddlers. It has adjustable foot braces that allow you to adjust the braces according to your height and posture. This is how it makes you feel comfortable and stable.

It features padded thigh braces which increase the comfort and safety of your thighs from the side of the kayak.

It comes with comfortable seating with a padded backrest which lets you paddle for the entire day without getting exhausted. Different size paddlers can sit comfortably on the account of the adjustable straps present on the back of the seat.

Storage space

Although it is a compact kayak, it is designed along with plenty of space to store accessories and gears.

One of the worth-mentioning features in this context is Portable Accessory Carrier (P.A.C) present in the rear cargo area. It features a built-in sealed hatch that lets you keep small items like keys, compass, etc. It also features a carrying handle that allows you to take the entire accessory compartment out.

In case you take the P.A.C out and keep the rear cargo open then you will be having an open tank with a bungee cord.

Besides the P.A.C, it contains a closed hatch at the front of the seat to store your small pieces of stuff easily. Moreover, there is a cup holder as well.

There is small storage well with a bungee cord at the bow which can be used to carry the dry bags or camping gears.

Easy to maneuver

Despite being packed with a lot of features, this kayak is quite easy to maneuver. It is assisted by its 10ft hull length, as short wide vessels are easy to control on water surface than long narrow ones.

Furthermore, being a lightweight kayak, it helps you paddle smoothly on the water. It might be difficult to handle this kayak in heavy winds on the account of its lightweight.

Sturdy and durable material

Bali 10SS is composed of Rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex high-density polyethylene, which adds to the durability of this impeccable kayak. Only this kayak uses the Fortiflex material and it helps to strengthen the hull and protect it from saltwater or debris.


It lacks the cushions on the bottom of the seats

One of the worth-noticing downsides of Bali 10 SS is that there is no cushion on the bottom of the seats. It can be a bit irritating or less comfortable for some users. It may create discomfort while paddling for the entire day.

No fishing rod holders

It does not carry fishing rod holders, which is another downside or shortcoming of this kayak. This fact makes it less suitable for fishing.

Is Sun Dolphin Bali SS10 a budget-friendly kayak?

Most beginners prefer to pick a budget-friendly kayak as they feature all the basic options required to take you on the water. But these budget-friendly kayaks might not offer dynamic and innovative features other than the features important for beginners.

Talking about Bali SS 10, it is a budget kayak which one may consider to opt which allows you to paddle on lakes or other flat water. It features enough storage and decent durability to ensure your safe and comfortable paddling.

Frequently asked questions about Sun Dolphin Bali 10SS

Do I require help to haul Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS?

Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10 just weighs 44 pounds which makes it simple to ship starting with one spot then onto the next. You can basically throw it on your shoulder and convey it to the water without anyone else. In spite of being a lightweight kayak, there is no trade-off made on the quality; as it is made utilizing the Sun Dolphin’s extraordinary polyethylene.

Does lightweight makes it less stable?

As it has been referenced over that Bali SS 10 just weighs 44 pounds which makes it minimal temperamental in weighty breezes or unpleasant water. Nevertheless, you can handle it with little battle.

Is it suitable for heightened paddlers?

Bali SS 10 highlights customizable foot supports that let you change them according to your stature for open to rowing. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are over 6 feet I would prescribe you to select 12 feet kayak.

What are some of its best accessories and Mods?

Despite the fact that Bali SS 10 has got all the essential highlights needed to paddle easily, adding a few changes or embellishments can radically improve its exhibition. I would suggest you buy not many scupper plugs that plug up the openings to empty water from the lower part of the kayak.

Another adornment that you may buy is an anchor streetcar to get to the side of the kayak yet additionally keep you stable while fishing. I would likewise prescribe you get a seat cushion to add at the lower part of your kayak. A seat cushion will add solace to your rowing experience.

Can we go fishing with Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS?

Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS isn’t intended to be made for fishing as it doesn’t have all the highlights needed for fishing. I would suggest getting a kayak with a casting pole holder for this reason.

Can we take it to rough waters?

Because of its lightweight, it will most likely be unable to support in harsh water. It is made for lakes or sluggish streams and I will not prescribe you to accept it to harsh water as it may not be steady there.

Conclusion About Sun Dolphin Bali 10SS

So that was our complete Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS Kayak audit for you and I have attempted to cover all positives and negatives about the ‘yak. In light of this survey, you can make a levelheaded judgment.

I would prescribe you to get this for you in the event that you are a fledgling and needed to enter kayaking. It is really steady and exceptionally simple to paddle when contrasted with proficient kayaks.

It is additionally a spending kayak which makes an ideal amateur kayak as you don’t need to spend an attractive add-up, to begin with, kayaking. Being said this, I will not suggest this for the individual who is searching for kayaks for fishing or kayaks with cutting-edge soundness.

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