A Guide to Texas Kayak Laws

Kayak Laws in Texas

Texas is brimming with panoramic views and lakes and paddling in Texas can be a source of great fun amidst these eye-catching views and ravishing lakes. However, there are some rules and laws that one needs to observe carefully regarding kayaking in Texas. Everyone is bound to follow these laws in order to paddle on the water comfortably.

There are different laws and regulations for different types of vessels. There are some general laws that are applicable to all kayaks and canoes. This article has been written in order to let people know about these laws who are interested to set out for kayaking in Texas.

Following are the laws for kayaking in Texas or laws for boating:

Laws for Kayaking in Texas

1- Always Wear a Personal Flotation

This is one of the most important laws that you need to abide by. If you are kayaking in Texas then everybody on the board is ought to wear a PFD all the time while on water. You are supposed to carry a throwable PFD along with a wearable PFD if your vessel is above 16ft.

2- Children under 13

All the children under 13 years are supposed to wear a PFD all the time while paddling on the water.

3- Registration requirement for motorized vessel

As per Texas laws, if you have installed a motor on your kayak then you are ought to get your vessel registered. Furthermore, you are required to have a safety whistle on board.

4- A bright white light requirement

You are supposed to carry a bright white light on the board if you are paddling at night. You may carry it with you or mount it on your vessel. It must have 360-degree visibility.

5- Paddling intoxicated

It is illegal to take beers or any other liquor with you in Texas while paddling. You are not supposed to paddle while intoxicated or handing over your vessel to paddle while being intoxicated.

In case you found out paddling with an alcohol level above 0.08% then you may be charged with a fine of up to $2,000 and a punishment of imprisonment for up to 180 days-it’s only for the first conviction.

6- Fishing license requirement

You must have a fishing license if you are planning to fish in the water of Texas. There are different licenses for freshwater and saltwater. However, you can combine both licenses with an all-water package.

Moreover, you do not require any fishing license if you are going to fish within the boundaries of State Park.

7- Drain, clean, and dry your vessel

If you are going to paddle on freshwater then make sure your craft is fully drained and clean prior to transporting which will stop the spread of invasive species, such as Zebra, Mussels, etc.

Final Words About Texas Kayak Laws

So, we have discussed important kayak rules and regulations in Texas. After knowing these important laws, now you can legally paddle in Texas. You must respect these laws as they are devised to protect you and make your paddling experience even more fun and safe. After reading these rules, you might to buy a kayak for your need. So, just read about best fishing kayak under 1000 if you really have a good budget. People who are looking to buy a portable kayak, should read about folding kayak.

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